I hate jokes so much

I just remebered I followed this blog omfg

(shame that i stopped getting any good jokes this was literally the funnest blog to run

congrats to the good few hundred who are still following/forgot to unfollow)

by far the worst joke i’ve ever received

by far the worst joke i’ve ever received

((If anybody needs me from here on out, I’ll be over on my real Akira roleplay blog, which actually has been kind of recently dead too because everyone’s been leaving and the tsuritama RP community is dead therefore there is no one to roleplay with hey some of you all should come play with us too it’s so boring bUT yes <3 thank you for this much until now!))

bby ur back

(actlly just the opposite that happens too often for no reason and it’s annoying so probs delete tonight or someth gomen. haven’t been getting anything anyways)

(Why does everything i reblog from myself post here that’s stupid.

i want to delete this but i might just hoard the url for fun. But yes, this blog is for the most part, inactive now, so do as you will! was fun while it lasted xoxo

until the next tsuritama joke comes along!)

((why does that keep happening

tho i might as well delete this since inactive huh))



omg i was sitting next to some guy today, and he turns to an asian girl to his right and says “were you affected by the radiation in japan?” and then it got really quiet then after a minute he added “because you are just glowing”

If you’re horny, can I suck your duck?

Don’t go anywhere near Tapioca.

let me tell you a joke: 50 shades of grey

I don’t understand why this is a joke

((I don’t have anything to answer right now either, though. But they’re a lot more amusing than I am by far so pls.))